Steering Committee Member Tara Sanders- Program Manager, Workforce and Economic Development for Contra Costa Community College District

What propelled you to join the Earn & Learn Steering Committee?

E&L's mission to scale WBL opportunities in an equitable way that includes all learners is professionally and personally important to me.

What drives your passion for this organization and the work we do?

WBL is life changing at any age and can be the changing factor in a person's professional trajectory. E&L intentional commitment to create as well as share these opportunities directly align with my desire to enhance this work at 4CD

Tell us about the work that you do in your organization and how that supports the work at Earn & Learn?

My role is to scale WBL using EL resources and technology at the 3 colleges in 4CD

What impact do you hope Earn & Learn will have?

I hope that E&L will increase the number of, access to and equity of WBL opportunities, allowing both you and adults an experience that can get them on a pathway to not only sustainable employment, but also the chance to impact their communities.


Connector Conversation with Denise Clark- Youth Development Services Supervisor for the Contra Costa County Office of Education


Connector Conversation with Erin Cicatelli- College & Career Readiness TSA- San Ramon Valley Unified School District