Connector Conversation with Amber Martin, Work-Based Learning Coordinator for Antioch Unified School District

IWhy are you working in this field and what impact do you hope to have?

I feel like this is a valuable career supporting students through career exploration. I hope to open students eyes to many career options that fit their interest, skills and gifts.

What can you say about Earn & Learn’s distinct approach to work based learning and its impact on career readiness?

I appreciate the opportunity to network with other Work-Based Learning Coordinators about programs and services they provide to give me ideas of ways I can better support our students.

Please share a work-based learning story that was impactful to you and/or your learners and or/employers?

One of our teachers participated with PilotCity last school year to engage in students in a wonderful work-based learning experience with Velodyne Lidar to create a PSA. 5 of the participating students completed a summer internship, gaining additional experience. Here's an article highlighting the program:

Did you have a work-based learning opportunity in your youth, if so please share what it was and the impact it had on you?

I began working at the age of 9. My grandmother helped me get CPR and First Aid certified, we then typed business cards offering babysitting services and posted them at a local grocery store.  I also worked events as coat check at the local Elks Lodge. I landed my first real job at the age of 14 at Domino's pizza and have been working ever since. This helped me to develop a strong work ethic and initiative.


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