Connector Conversation with Mychael Heuer- Community Partnership Liaison - Diablo Valley College

Why are you working in this field and what impact do you hope to have?

I've been working in Higher Education for over 18 years, in Career and Academic Advising. Experiential Learning is important to student success in obtaining the skills and experiences needed in today's workforce

What can you say about Earn & Learn’s distinct approach to work based learning and it’s impact on career readiness?

It's been a successful approach in that employers can go through a one-touch system without being bombarded with multiple requests

Please share a work-based learning story that was impactful to you and/or your learners and or/employers?

Took the Students of Color in Stem Club (25 students) to SLACK a tech company on a Career Trek for those students to receive a tour and presentation about how to obtain jobs in the Tech Industry was a great opportunity which many do no experience. They also met professionals of color in the Tech Industry which they learned tips and stories about how they navigated the tech industry and could see their own-selves in this type of jobs and careers.

Did you have a work-based learning opportunity in your youth, if so please share what it was and the impact it had on you?

I had multiple work-based learning opportunities as a youth. 1) mentored by men of color A) Basketball coach/Resource Officer & B) student adviser; provided summer job and on-campus positions to develop skills & responsibilities. 2) I benefited from the Oakland Mayor's Summer Job Program for youth 16-21 first office job in a law firm. This allowed me to gain a great deal of office skills and professional training as well good wages to support my sports activities and help take of myself and assist my parents with bills, as we we were a low income household.


Connector Conversation with Amber Martin, Work-Based Learning Coordinator for Antioch Unified School District


Connector Conversation with Anna Ramos, Work Based Learning Coordinator at Mt. Diablo Unified School District