Connector Conversation with Erin Cicatelli- College & Career Readiness TSA- San Ramon Valley Unified School District

Why are you working in this field and what impact do you hope to have?

I believe it is imperative for our students to have access to work-based learning opportunities so they have a better understanding of what career options are available to them. By working as a Connector, I am able to help support the teachers by facilitating the events that their students need to access.

What can you say about Earn & Learn’s distinct approach to work based learning and its impact on career readiness?

When it works well, it has a significant impact on our students and their career readiness.

Please share a work-based learning story that was impactful to you and/or your learners and or/employers?

We were able to set up a tour of a construction site in our district. We were able to meet with the architects and take an actual tour of the building during construction. It was so impactful to the students and myself. When I now visit the completed site, I have all kinds of interesting information to share with my guests. I'm sure it is the same for the students.

Did you have a work-based learning opportunity in your youth, if so please share what it was and the impact it had on you?

I was able to intern for a local vet during high school. I knew I wanted to work with animals and it was a great opportunity to really learn what I would be doing in my day to day work. What I found was that it wasn't really for me after all. I decided to go into education instead and have found my true passion in life.


Steering Committee Member Tara Sanders- Program Manager, Workforce and Economic Development for Contra Costa Community College District


Connector Conversation with Amber Martin, Work-Based Learning Coordinator for Antioch Unified School District