Connector Conversation with Anna Ramos, Work Based Learning Coordinator at Mt. Diablo Unified School District

How did you hear about Earn & Learn, why did you get involved and when did you get involved?

I was an intern for the Contra Costa Workforce Development Board  in 2016. I was just beginning to learn about a strategy to keep all of the business world contacts in one place and the world of WIOA. As an intern, I worked for  Earn & Learn when it was Earn & Learn East Bay and one of the roles I originally took was trying to help teach some of the contractors how to use Google Sheets. I also helped recreate tip sheets with Mitch Findley and Steve, and helped plan and organize the Earn & Learn  Breakfast Spring 2017.

Why are you working in this field and what impact do you hope to have?

My "WHY" is that I believe it is important to empower, educate, and connect all young people to different opportunities. I hope to one day be on an executive board where I can help make decisions on a larger scale to help impact the communities that I grew up in, and communities like mine.

What can you say about Earn & Learn’s distinct approach to work based learning and it’s impact on career readiness?

I appreciate how organized it is and how it supports connectors to reach out to business partners.

Please share a work-based learning story that was impactful to you and/or your learners and or/employers?

As a student intern myself I was able to learn and connect in the field I was interested in working in. I believe that it helps me when I say that internship experiences are very valuable as it allows young people to "put themselves in the shoes of others" and explore different careers.

Did you have a work-based learning opportunity in your youth, if so please share what it was and the impact it had on you?

Yes, I had multiple. As a high schooler I interned at the Ambrose Recreation & Park District Teen Center, I helped host community events, lead a team, and work with community members. As a college student I interned at a Grief Loss Center called Jessica's House where I supported ages 0-Adults with grief loss intervention groups. After College, I interned with Gina Del Carlo at the Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board where I was able to network and essentially get a job from it.


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