Earn & Learn Featured in CCCAO Newsletter- Regional Highlight

Regional Highlight SAN FRANCISCO/BAY REGION - Earn & Learn

Work-based learning is at the center of many conversations for community colleges, K-12, employers, and workforce development boards. Earn & Learn (E&L) is an Ed Tech Start Up out of the Bay Area that is revolutionizing work-based learning across the state. Earn & Learn is creating a movement of employers, educational entities, and learners dedicated to diversifying the workforce. E&L supports regional strategy, professional development, employer engagement and technical assistance. E&L partners use ELENA (Earn & Learn Network Activated), a customized CRM built on the Salesforce platform to track employer engagement and work-based learning opportunities to bring these partners together.

What started off as an employer engagement campaign has transformed into a first-of-its-kind partnership that is revolutionizing work-based learning. With an internally developed salesforce CRM that allows schools to manage, track and receive work-based learning pledges and experiences, and employers a funneled point of contact to connect with schools, E&L is changing how education and companies develop and scale these opportunities.

E&L provides resources to support and deepen career pathways for learners including contacts to industry, tools to organize work-based learning, and a collaborative community of peers. “The goal is the equitable distribution of access and opportunities. We believe that every learner should have the opportunity to explore the world of work and achieve their fullest potential’ said Gina Del Carlo Founding Director of Earn & Learn.

Los Medanos College from the Contra Costa Community College District (4CD) has been working with E&L since its inception and after successfully managing and scaling advisory boards, job fairs and internships, the decision to adopt E&L district-wide was well received. Now all three colleges are a part of E&L with Diablo Valley College and Contra Costa College scaling their work-based learning.

In the last two years, 4CD has tracked 2,265 unique work-based learning placements and managed 1,150 employer contacts. “The ability to not only scale, but benchmark and continue tracking this work is really important,” said Tara Sanders 4CD Workforce Development Manager.

E&L is working with districts throughout the Bay Bay Area from Contra Costa, to Oakland down to Monterey, and is beginning to work with BACCC Regional Directors (formerly DSN’s) to support their work. E&L and 4CD will be at CCCAOE to share their experiences and answer any questions.


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