Alfredo Matthew Shares His Journey Into School-Employer Engagement

We recently had our first  E&L Community of Practice Zoom Session. Alfredo Matthew shared a heartfelt story about his journey into and out of the high school classroom and then into work in school-employer engagement. He highlighted one event that became his template for one-day Workplace Trips. He suggested that it only takes one excellent work-based learning event to inspire an employer into years of deepened commitment.  He inspired Connectors to spend time doing less and instead over-deliver on a few things well, because eventually, it will pay off. His own WBL event lead to years of work with PayPal. 

Alfredo Matthews’s Tips for an Amazing Day at an Employer’s Work Site:


  • Good Rapport with Teachers, market experiences to students / pre-activity

  • Employer Volunteer Training / Industry partner prepared

  • Planning is a plug and play


  • The day had phases- high energy welcome, exploration activity, students take the stage with a design challenge

  • Ended the day with Appreciations, space to acknowledge one another


  • Thank you follow-up to teachers/students, industry partner with survey

  • Social Media appreciations / Shout outs

  • Opportunity to take the relationship deeper (more experiences, more funding)

Listen to the session on by clicking on this link.

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Oct 29, 2019 - 11:30am-12:30pm

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